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Functional silicone material technology for Xiao chestnut
Chestnut functionalized silica gel is a new generation of high-performance materials designed to achieve the best removal or recovery performance from industrial process flow, product flow and waste liquor, as well as the environment, to achieve purification, removal or recovery and other application needs, to meet the market for cleaner products and processes, higher efficiency and value of performance and commerce. Demand.
In order to achieve the goal of delivering the best solution with high performance and high cost performance, we have designed novel, highly complex and functional materials technologies that have high affinity and selectivity for targets in a variety of forms, achieve efficient removal of products without any loss, and do not capture materials. Get any ingredients that are not needed to meet customer's requirements for cost performance.
This innovative design is based on the rich knowledge and market experience of Xiao Li. The company has rich knowledge and market experience in functional surfaces and materials, product design, development and Implementation for various applications in different markets.
Each functional silica gel material of Xiaoli consists of a series of different functional groups, which are targeted at specific targets and applications. Functional groups can be single or multiple combinations of various functional groups. The properties and lengths of the chains between functional groups are different and the spatial arrangement is different. This creates a variety of different configurations and combinations of materials to achieve selective bonding with the target elements. The bonding has a high affinity.
We can easily control the nature and quantity of bonding matrix and combination. With its own R&D and production facilities, Xiaoli can quickly develop products to meet customer needs, meet specific applications, and quickly implement Xiaoli solutions.
For example, the functional groups and combinations of the functional silica gel materials of Xiao chestnut include:



functional group


functional group










sulfhydryl sulfide






sulphide quaternary amine


sulphide amine




polythiol functional group




The small chestnut solution is easy to implement, and only simple and low-cost equipment and operation procedures can be implemented. Besides, the running cost and maintenance cost are very low. Material can be used in either mixing or adsorption column applications, both of which can be easily combined with the customer's existing factories and processes.
As part of our solution, we will work with our customers to develop scavengers and solutions to meet their needs, as well as appropriate processes and conditions.
The concept of Xiaoli is continuous innovation. In addition to implementing and running Xiaoli solutions, we will continue to cooperate with customers.
Product application
The functionalized silica gel material of Castanea mollissima is based on the structural framework of silica. The framework and functional groups are easy to access and have higher performance. In addition, there are other advantages, such as wide solvent compatibility and stability, excellent chemical and physical stability, high operating temperature, material can be directly used after receiving, before use without chemical or physical pretreatment (such as expansion). The materials available now are based on a series of different silica frameworks, with different particle sizes, pore sizes and surface areas.
All functional silica gel materials of Castanea mollissima contain a series of carefully selected functional groups for specific purposes and applications. The specific uses are as follows:
Metal ion adsorbent
The application of Oguri Metijun adsorption materials;
1. purification of Pd catalytic reaction (palladium adsorption);
(1) purification of Suzuki reaction;
(2) the Heck reaction is blunt;
(3) purification of other coupling reactions
(4) purification of Pd/C reaction
Purification of 2. Rh catalytic reaction (Rh adsorption)
3. Ru (Ru) adsorption.
Purification of 4.Pt catalytic reaction (Pt adsorption);
5. adsorption and purification of other metals

Functional silicon materials with molecular recognition ability can remove target metals from products, process flows and waste liquids, and can selectively remove target metal ions even under the interference of other metal ions. (blue background is an adsorbable element)
Solid catalyst
Heterogeneous catalysts are basically divided into two types:
1) acid curing catalyst;
2) metal solid phase catalyst.
The size of the products of heterogeneous catalysts varies from 37-147 to 147-400 m and 147-400 mm to 1-3.
Acid curing catalyst
The acidic curing catalyst package of Chestnut consists of a variety of new acidic functionalized silica gel materials. The acidic strength is different. The hydrophobic/hydrophilic surface environment can be adjusted. The product can be used in a wide range of operating environments.
Precious metals recycling applications and services:
1.Recovery of precious metals in the pharmaceutical industry;
2.Recycling of precious metals in chemical industry
3.Pesticide industry gold coin recovery;
4.Electric pacing, PCB industry precious gold recovery;

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